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The BHB - Construction Supervision

Again and again we read in the press, such as building owners are faced with massive construction defects. Most builders do not have the experience and after successful completion of the financial resources to engage in long processes. In addition, many property owners because of their occupation or the distance to their building projects have the opportunity to be constantly present at their construction site. Some remedial measures in individual cases is almost impossible or achievable only at high cost, coupled with lengthy discussion and clarification with the company’s warranty claims. To avoid such defects before and during the construction phase, a professional modern service wise and provides the client with the assurance that he gets the quality they paid for.

Some activities of the private project are:

  • Form system for documentation
  • Review of contracts and plans for any errors or to secure the obligations of building owners
  • Discussions with the planners and the construction companies
  • Help in protecting the rights and obligations of the client to the firm or the individual trades
  • Monitoring and advising on sampling and position determination
  • Documentation of construction progress (diary, photo documentation)
  • Monitoring and inspections for all construction-related conversations
  • Audit
  • 24 hour telephone availability

These are only excerpts from our field and is only a first impression for you.

To ensure that your dream ends not so!

The low cost of construction management would be disproportionate to the often enormous costs of damage repair!